patxi fernández navarro


Nature dead

Pastel on paper 33X50 cm, year 2004.

Painted directly from nature, I found an attractive composition, some sheets of newspaper El Pais, and an old lemon, a little consumed, I loved playing with those orange and violet colors. Andres Calamaro listening provably.

Pablo Lanuza. , Critic and Professor of Arts. Seville, September 2005.

The essential motivation in the art is a state of permanent conflict. This knows to Patxi Fernandez to it in the speech of its creative adventure very well. Patxi, in perpetual evolution on itself, part time and time again from ground zero.

Their works on the human figure, in special the pictures are full of spots in a chaos, moved away of the photographic thing, but that solves with apparent facility with a loaded gestualism of force that draws rictus peculiar of its revealing personalities. An involuntary memory that it recovers the intimate atmosphere, without time nor space appears then. With the same gestalt and colourist force it constructs its landscaping scenes structuring the painting where abstraction and figuration are confused. What is real in the work of Patxi Fernandez? Without a doubt the shades and reflections that produce their fantasies. And there are fantasies without sensations nor no judgments without fantasies.

The impulse to exist takes to Patxi to interrogate itself on the foundations, on its force and veracity, the capacity to blow life. And always, returning one and again to its eternal permanent conflict.